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When the going gets tough, call APlus Mobile

APlus Mobile

Your average PC just won’t cut it in the harsh terrain and extreme weather our troops face every day. Aplus mobile is proud to provide rugged, DC powered computers for mobile applications.

Recently, we were approached to build a sealed server for the Navy’s R & D division, SPAWAR. (This was our second project for SPAWAR — we developed a “washable” computer a few years back!)

The Q40 Quad Core Sealed Server delivers the massive computing power necessary to satisfy the highly complex mission tasks that today’s robots and autonomous vehicles perform to protect soldiers, such as IED targeting and neutralization. It is sealed to prevent contaminant ingestion of dust or water, which is the leading cause of computer failures in the field.

A patented thermal design prevents the high-powered processor from overheating and possible thermal failure. Powered by the raw 12-29 VDC bus, the Q40’s unique power management system eliminates the need for external converters or adaptors, reducing valuable footprint and cost.

The Q40 is designed and manufactured in the USA, and is a great example of the amazing things PCBs can do.

- Shared October 10, 2012