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Now that’s what I call a Quickturn!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Just 48 hours before I was to fly across the globe to Honduras as part of a research team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), we learned our PCB order (from Sunstone Circuits) had been delivered to the wrong address.

Fraught with desperation to avoid wasting many months of hard work and precious research dollars, I called President of Sunstone to plead our case. Their team leapt into action, going so far as to provide the cell phone number of the President and his pledge to answer their call 24/7/365!

We got the PCBs on time! At 5 am in Boston airport and the freight terminal and at 7am we took off for Honduras. We had soldering equipment and we manage to assemble 6 of them. We had couple of bugs from our side but we managed to fix them there, and the experiment was a success in the end. The modems worked and we had the expected range of communication. Of course with a little bit of extra adrenaline…

- Shared October 10, 2012