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Better Bullets for Our Troops

Bullet Trigger Guy

The trigger isolation board, in operation

For thirty years I’ve been in electronics, got my start as a United States Marine, and I’ve learned so much more in the past eight years about board design from Sunstone and PCB123.  Twenty years ago, I was introduced to MicroSim (Cadence) and thought that it took a load of cash to be a board designer, and it wasn’t possible to do this from home.  That effort 20 years ago was for developing sensors for military testing of projectiles of all kinds. In 2004 I was enabled to begin a home business in optical, acoustic, RADAR and seismic sensors that are used with high speed cameras to capture data from bullets, rockets, mortars, impacts, etc.  Sunday, I needed a way to isolate and distribute the sensor trigger outputs to the many high speed camera systems and tracking systems used in developmental testing, to resist the harm from lightning and grounding potential issues.  The camera data is used to verify performance of weapon systems, so we can quickly deploy the very best to our troops who are protecting our freedom.  Designed on Sunday, soldered on Friday, that is Marine Corps Outstanding.

- Shared November 15, 2012