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Even a nursing student can design a PCB!


I never imagined that I would design a PCB! I am not electronically inclined in anyway; I did not take things apart as a child just to ‘see how they worked’. I always wanted to have a career that will help people, perhaps a therapist or a nurse; low and behold I am now a nursing student. Now how does a nursing student come to design her own PCB?? GOOD questions! ATARIS!!!! Yup, you read that right! My boyfriend and I enjoy working on Ataris together (something else I never imagined I would do!)...well we decided that instead of purchasing different PCBs that someone else made, why not try to make our own! Well, I have more time then him, so I downloaded the free version of Eagle Cadsoft, and set out to learn this process…through trial and error I designed my first PCB, drew up the schematic myself then followed various walk-through’s on how to turn this into a board…mine would pause the original Atari 2600…which did not have a pause button. I researched this in great detail and found out what was needed, then dove right into the design. Sent off my gerber files to a PCB printing company…and YAY! It worked!!! So, yes even a nursing student can design her own PCB!!! I may not entirely understand electronics, but I can design a mean PCB!!

- Shared November 2, 2012