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My latest 24h board story

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My Latest 24h Turn Board Story

  First a little about me, I am electronics engineer. I do contract work and run my own company with my wife and have been doing electronic design for 30+ years. A week ago
A company I haven’t worked for Emailed me. They wanted a simple analog level shifter
Board made. Their board was 10 square inches, so I decided to make a small board to drive an old set of electronic bells that haven’t worked in 10 years as a surprise for my wife. Still having room I put 3 other small boards on the same art work to breakout the I/O on 3 Raspberry Pi’s I was giving as Christmas presents.
    Ordered 2 of the boards from Sunstone on Sunday night with a 1 day turn. I got an email on Tuesday from support stating that there was a process problem with 1 of the boards & they would rerun them. I told Eric (sunstone support) that I needed the boards by Friday to populate and test to ship to my customer by Monday. Eric told me he would overnight them. Then on Wednesday I got an email with Tracking number it stated that they were shipped on a 3day delivery. I contacted Eric @ Sunstone he said that production made a mistake even thought he marked them overnight. Eric said he would rerun the order on Thursday and ship overnight to get me boards on Friday. Normally I don’t have problems with Sunstone, but I would like to commend Eric of Sunstone support for solving my problems. That’s why I have done business with Sunstone for 20 + Years.

- Shared December 6, 2012