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Process Engineer


As a kid in the ‘80’s, I had one of the hand-held baseball games.  The game was simple with a simple LED readout to show the batter and runner locations.  Each time you would hit the ball and run, there was an audible beep heard from the chime inside the unit.  As this was one of my favorite games, I tried to play it instead of going to sleep each night.  However, the beeps from the game would let my parents know that I was still up.  My solution was to open the game and disconnect the power wire from the chime.  I then rode my bike to Radio Shack and bought a small toggle switch that I soldered in series in the wire that went to the chip and then soldered it back to the switch.  I then carved out two grooves for the wires to pass to the outside of the device and wrapped the whole thing with black electrical tape.  This toggle became the first “mute” button that I had ever seen.  This allowed me to use the sound during day and have the unit be silent at night.  Problem solved and after that I have been an engineer for life.

- Shared October 29, 2012