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Sunstone conquers when “giant software EDA” crashes


A few weeks back I was working overtime on a Saturday to get a very simple board design ready to send out Monday for fast turn.

We have a (name withheld major company schematic capture/pcb layout tool) that is the company-approved tool.  After many hours of creating footprints for all the parts I needed to include, this software crashed and lost all the work I had put in.  In my mind this is the worst software possible for these simple projects, but I gave it a go.  After losing all my work, though I decided to just download the Sunstone PCB layout tool and use that.

what took hours and was lost on our software took about 45min to do on Sunstone’s software.  It was a little challenging to deal with Purchasing buying the board, but it worked out fine.  The boards arrived.  They were perfect!  Everything fit, the quality was outstanding, and we were able to put together the project on time.

- Shared October 24, 2012