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Sunstone helps you “make products a reality”


Hi , my name is Frederick Puccetti, and 16 years ago I joined Helm Instrument Co. as their pcb designer. I use Sunstone as my #1 prototype to production supplier. I went from designs on 15 inch square boards to 2” X 3” high density multilayer microprocessor applications.  Sunstone has afforded me the opportunity to save engineering development dollars and quickly turn new ideas into production runs.  Sunstone has reduced the development time and cost while not reducing quality.  And as everyone knows quality is a must. The largest pcb companies have fallen by the wayside and cannot compete in quality.  Sunstone has repeatedly been reliable and efficient.  And they offer discounts!  So I can save even more on development and production costs.  Yes, Sunstone helps me make my designs a production reality.

- Shared October 11, 2012