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Staff Support Engineer and Engineering Laboratory/Personnel Manager


In the heat of our projects, we needed approximately 600 boards to complete our qualification testing for one of our products.  The problem, we needed them in approximately 7 business days !?!?! What are we going to do??? 

The PMs approached me with the question, can you do it?  The board was simple but 7 days? Really?  If I had gone with any other company than Sunstone it probably would have been impossible, however, with Sunstone’s comprehensive solution I took a shot at it.

The boards was simple so using PCB123 I designed the sybmols, completed the schematic and layed out the board in a less than a day.  I uploaded the design, paid the expedite fee and selected the option for Contract Manufacturing through their partner Screaming Circuits, communicated my schedule requirements and hoped for the best.

The build went off without a hitch!!!!  We received 600 circuit card assemblies on time without any issues and I looked like a super hero!  Because of performance like this and many other boards I’ve done through Sunstone, this tool is our primary source for prototypes in our division and considered a solid resource for our design team.

Thanks Sunstone for getting it done right the first time!

- Shared December 7, 2012