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I didn’t used to could spel enginear, now I are one!


My old style prototype board

I used to cut prototype circuits out of copper clad laminate with a dremmel tool to create each net, like this ultrasound power supply board. Now I can get an actual PCB in about the same time, at not much higher cost. With planning I can do a section of a large multichannel design on a proto board from Sunstone, and then leverage the work into the final solution much larger board later.

The prototype circuit is much closer to the final implementation boosting confidence in the solution earlier in the project. Of the many boards I have ordered from Sunstone all have been correct, service has always been fast, and special attention when needed has never been lacking. It's nice they are only 30 miles away for when I want something in a real rush and can send my tech to pick it up as well.

- Shared October 10, 2012